Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poseidon Boost!

Update: May 1st 2013
We have built two prototypes of a 2.0 Poseidon design. This new design features a three band Baxandall EQ with Treble, Midrange and Bass. I'm very pleased with the new design. We will be building six prototypes total, five of which will be for sale. After which Poseidon should join the rest of the pedal line and will be the first of our products to wear the new Narwhal-Industries logo. For more info and updates visit and

While waiting on screen printing for the Barnacle Fuzz we have been working on the prototype for the Poseidon Boost. Here is some art drawn by Patrick Benner that will be on the finished product. The circuit design is finalized and will be released next after the Barnacle. The Poseidon Boost will have two controls, an active Midrange control and a Volume. Both will be near unity gain at their mid points, providing either boost or cut.