Thursday, June 13, 2019

Narwhal Catalog 2019/2020

Narwhal Catalog 2019/2020

(In order of retail price, low to high.)

Starfish Scrambler - $149

Quantity - 6
Designed to be everything that the Barnacles is not. Almost as weird as Dr Pr0n but a lot more practical. Parts are in stock for a run of six units in blue unprinted cases.

Barnacle Fuzz - $149

Quantity - 6
The screen printed cases are all gone but this is my most popular item. I have the parts ready to build six units in unprinted cases.

Kraken MKII - $149

Quantity - 1

For some reason I have one of these half built.

Kraken MK1.5 - $175

Quantity - 3

This is one of my favorites. The Kraken is my most modified design. This version combines what works well in the original with what worked best in the MKII. It really shines when build with a germanium transistor, for soft clipping, in stage two.

Dr Pr0n CMOS Ring Modulator - $199

Quantity - 1
I have one PCB left. I’ll build it if someone wants it.

Cardigan Tube Overdrive - $199

Quantity - 3 (These will go fast)
I’m pretty determined to fit a tweed Princeton preamp in a brown Hammond 1590 case. I’m 99% of the way there.

Cathedral Series Amp - TBA

Quantity - 2 (1 is spoken for)
A good friend of mine build two beautiful Sycamore cabinets. At the time the designs that I had just weren’t right for these. Lately, older and older vintage gear has been coming through. I’m going to build one high power and one low power amp based on the 1930’s and 1940’s amps that I’ve restored. Stu will get to pick the one that he likes the best. The other one will be available for sale.

Echo Twin Ampsonite - TBA

Quantity - 1
A lot of vintage Ampeg stuff has been coming through the shop. I was quite inspired by the Ampeg Super Echo Twin. This suitcase amp will feature a tube preamp amp and solid state power amp. It will have stereo reverb and two 10” neo speakers.

Sir Richard III - TBA

Quantity - 1
This is a very old project that I never finished. But I have some Demeter transformers from an Orange that I can use to complete it. This will be a British style amp with an EF86 input stage 2 EL34 tubes and a GZ34 rectifier tube. Power will be around 40 Watts. Unless otherwise specified by the finial customer, this will end up in a Mojo tone JMP style head box.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why isn't my amp done?

Until now I've never fully detailed the repair process. Honestly, it's bit frightening. Especially when you consider that at anytime I have between 40 and 80 items at some stage in this process. To simplify my life, and keep me from going crazy. I installed a help desk on my web server.  I've been using it for about a month with great results. Rather than just filling out at hang tag, as I've done for the past 20+ years. Customer repairs are now logged in to help desk. I still use the hang tag but only as a reference to the help desk. Going forward we'll continue to modernize, cause there is just no other way to complete a large volume of work without more staff. 
The Help Desk is accessible through a link on the main website, or here; Digital Repair Tag.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Marshall JCM900 4100 Bent Chassis

This poor guy took a tumble off of a 1960 cabinet while still plugged it. Amazingly, non of the tubes were broken and the internal damage was minimal. Old Marshall amps are pretty tough.

Friday, January 4, 2019

What's new for 2019

It's 2019 which makes this 22 years in this business. I've see a lot of things come and go over the years but I'm still excited to open the shop in the morning. Mostly do to all the interesting people I meet every day and the old friends that stop by. Thank you everyone for taking such good care of me.

But what's new this year? Every year this business changes and you have to change with it.

  • The labor rate is increasing to $90.25 per hour from $87.50 it's been a few years since an increase. I don't like to change the price of labor more than 3% or 2% per year on average. 
  • Every repair will be scheduled for a date and time on my personal calendar. I have the date that I'm schedule out to written on the chalkboard in the front room. This really helps me manage my level of stress and also gives customers a better idea of turn around time. 
  • Keyboards and Synths! Yes, I will work on your keyboard or synth. I'm already doing more keyboard repair. BUT! call ahead. Keyboards are big and I can only take on a maximum of three at a time. Also, although there are lots of keyboards and synths that are repairable some are not. I like to see if there parts are available before I agree to take on a keyboard repair.
  • If you've dropped a plastic speaker and cracked it. I now have a plastic welder and can fix that. 
  • I have to get the level of junk under control. This has always been a constant battle at the shop. I've been scraping things out and replacing old shelving. This week I started putting things on eBay. My goal is to sell at least one thing on eBay every day. 
  • A Friday blog. I have scheduled Friday morning as blog time. 


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday Hours!

Holiday Hours!

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