Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Kraken Rev 1.1 pedals are sold out as of today. Don't worry, Rev 1.2 pedals are comin' off the line! Also a beta test of the all Germanium Kraken yielded some smooth results. Like a steel gauntlet covered by a velvet glove. The germanium transistors have a very smooth refined sound, not a hint of fuzz. We are using a transistor similar to the Mullard OC72. We have a few of the Mullard transistors but they do not meet our spec. We have found that some of the Japanese and American transistors that we have in stock exceed the specification on the manufacture's data sheet. Although it is unnecessary we are only using the germanium transistors that exceed the data sheet spec. I hand full of germanium Kraken pedals will be available on Monday.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kraken Rev 1.1 almost sold out!

The first release of our Kraken Overdriver is almost sold out. That can mean only one thing. It is time for the release of Kraken Rev 1.2. If you would like one of the first Kraken pedals build on the boards that were hand etched by Kev and I, your time is very limited. We will however have plenty of the Kraken Rev 1.2 pedals. The new boards arrived this past week ahead of schedule. I'd like to thank everyone who has bought one of our pedals so far. You have helped bring this beast of myth and lore to life. So far it looks like there is no stopping this leviathan from dominating the seas of tone.

Late next week we should have a hand full of the first all Germanium Kraken pedals. We will be building them in limited runs along side the other pedals. They will sell at a $50.00 premium above the price of the all Silicon Kraken. All of the germanium transistors will be hand selected for optimum performance. I can't wait to hear just want they sound like. Considering that the first Rev 1.1 Kraken vastly exceeded my expectations, I'm sure that I'll be pleased.

If you haven't stopped by to check out the Kraken yet. By all means stop on by. They sell almost as fast as we make them. I hope we don't run out!