Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kraken Overdrivers are Comin' off the Line!

Here it is! Full Custom Music Repair's first pedal. The "Kraken"! Guarantied the best overdrive pedal you have ever heard. Forget 11, our gain control goes from calm seas to the full fury of Poseidon. Whether you just need a clean boost, bluesy overdrive or something heavier, the Kraken has you covered. The Kraken has a very amp-like feel and will even clean up when you roll down your guitar volume. Thanks to the use of an all Class-A, Discrete Transistor design. Also the active bass and treble controls are much more flexible than just a tone control. But wait, there's more. We are offering two stylish finishes, Tuxedo and Hazard County.

Our goal with this pedal was to design a pedal with the boutique tone of some of our best custom built amps but with a price accessible to everyone. I believe we have met or exceeded that goal. We will continue to keep the price for the Kraken down while improving it's quality.

For a limited time only we are offering the "Kraken" direct to customers at wholesale price. We will be looking for music stores to set up as dealers for this an other future Full Custom Music products.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Unleash the Kraken!

Coming soon to Full Custom Music Repair!

"The Kraken"

Art by Todd"Sharkbait"Williams