Monday, January 5, 2009

Full Custom 5E3-P

I Started building amps when I was seventeen years old. Still in high school and quite fearless. Where were no amplifier kits back then and parts were much more limited than the selection that we have today. With the help of a next door neighbor who happened to have a sheet metal break of all things. We made the chassis and the speaker cabinet.

Somewhere I got a hold of a schematic for a Fender Tweed Champ. I decided it wouldn't be loud enough and it just looked too simple. So I did a little redesign. I ended up building a Push-pull EL84 amplifier with the Champ's preamplifier and a solid state rectifier. Its topography was somewhat like a Fender Tweed Deluxe but its tone a bit more British.

This amp pays tribute to that very first amp that I built. Yet it also begins a series of much higher end builds.

From Project 5E3


Lacquered Tweed
Mojotone cabinet and chassis
Jensen P-12-N
Mercury Magnetics Transformers
AC Line Filtering
All Cloth Wire with PVC under jacket
Solan Coupling Capacitors (Silver mica and Mallory 150 for tone control)
Sprague Atom Filter Capacitors
Wax Potted Tag Board
CTS Potentiometers
Switchcraft Jacks

Tube Kit:

V1) EH-12AY7
V2) JJ-ECC803
V3/V4) JJ-6V6GTS
V5) Fender 5Y3