Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Labor Rates

In 1979, the first year of business for Downtown Sound. The hourly labor rate was $45 per/hour. That rate was unchanged until around 2000. At that time I began billing at and unofficial rate of $55 per/hour. On April 1 2007, the first day of business for Full Custom Music Repair. The rates were set at $45 per/hour for Guitars and $55 per/hour Amplifiers. Mid 2008 we moved to $65 per/hour for all billed labor. Which may seem like a large increase, right at a time when money is tight for many people. But 65 2009 dollars does not spend as 45 dollars did in 1979. In a effort to keep pace with monetary inflation. Starting with 2009 Full Custom Music Repair will raise the hourly labor rate 5% per year. Bringing the 2009 rate to $68.50, effective January the Fifth 2009.

I'd like to personally thank all my customers over the past ten years for allowing me to earn a living solely though the repair of Guitars and Musical Instrument Electronics. Thank you to all our customers since 1979, you are one of the biggest reasons we are here.

Timothy Eisenacher
General Partner
Full Custom Music Repair