Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barnacle FAQ

Barnacle FAQ

Is the Barnacle a clone of a vintage pedal?

No, it is an original design and concept of Full Custom Music Repair. It is the replacement for the now discontinued Germanium Kraken. There were three vintage pedals that we looked at for inspiration, the Big-Muff, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz-Face and Colorsound Overdriver. Although no direct circuits are taken from these effects, the Barnacle is designed to produce the same type of harmonic distortion as the Germanium Fuzz-Face.

Is the Barnacle True Bypass?

You can select between True Bypass or Buffered Bypass with the internal DIP switch

Will the Barnacle work with a DC supply?

All our pedals are designed to work with the standard 2.1mm center pin negative supply. This was the number one most requested feature by customers who purchased the original Kraken Overdrive.

Will the Barnacle work with my Wah pedal?

Yes, either before or after the Barnacle. The Barnacle should work with any other effects that you have. In fact, if you have a problem with another pedal in your chain you can use the Barnacle’s buffer to make it play nice with other pedals.

Where should the Barnacle be in my effects chain?

Anywhere in your effects chain will work. Although, settings above unity gain may sound best with the Barnacle last. If the Barnacle is first a chain of multiple effects you can use the buffer to buffer your entire effects chain.

Will the Barnacle affect the low end of my bass?

No, the Barnacle has a flat frequency response. We did everything possible to make sure that only the Bass and Treble controls affect your tone and that at their 12 o’clock settings they are effectively bypassed.

When the bass control is turn up will it affect the highs?

No, rather than a passive tone control we have given you active Bass and Treble controls which were design to have no interaction with each other and limited interaction with the other features. This allows you to dial in tones that are dark, bright, mid-rangey, scooped or even very neutral.

Will the Barnacle work with single coil pickups?

Yes, you can even use the EQ to make them sound mid-rangey and thick like a humbucker.

Will the Barnacle be too muddy sounding with humbuckers?

No, you can even use the Treble control give a humbucker more edge without losing bass response.

What battery life can I expect?

Current draw is less than 20mA. A Carbon-Zinc 9 Volt battery should last greater than 30 hours of use.

Will the Barnacle work with an amp that is already overdriven?

Yes, very well as a lead boost or for just a thicker sound.

Is it a Silicon or Germanium Fuzz?

Although the Barnacle Fuzz is the replacement for the Germanium Kraken it does not use Germanium transistors. Every Germanium transistor sounds a bit different and that sound varies with temperature. We did a lot of research to find out just why Germanium transistors are so cool in a Fuzz-Face. Then we used that information to design a fuzz with all modern parts that would sound great every time. Because of this every Barnacle sounds very much like the last.

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